Loose fill at its best

flupis® are a unique and patented filling and cushioning material based on paper foam.

This loose fill is produced from renewable raw material and ensures your company’s use of a totally envinronmentally friendly product.

From the beginning of the production until waste removal flupis® are completely sustainable.

  • Loose fill packaging with outstanding cushioning properties.
  • Based on recycling fibers and pure plant based starch.
  • Expands during the production process only due to water vapor.
  • Flexible and lightweight if used economically, therefore cost effective.
  • Antistatic, ph-adjusted and practically free of dust and germs.

  • Very good flow characteristics ensure easy filling.
  • Ideal protection for quality goods.
  • Unique and patented recycling product.
  • Best in test: fixing goods during distribution.
  • From our own production.

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